Award Categories

Award Categories

Shared Responsibility for Market Transformation Award

Nominated by RSPO Secretariat: The Shared Responsibility “Wall of Fame” presents all non-grower members with public commitment through the RSPO Shared Responsibility Framework to transform markets to make sustainable palm oil the norm. Nominated members are selected by the Shared Responsibility Working Group, based on the member’s reported commitment to implement the Shared Responsibility requirements which are linked to the thematic areas of behaving ethically and transparently, respecting human rights, smallholder inclusion and climate change. Additionally for supply chain members, the increased uptake of RSPO certified sustainable palm oil is also considered.

Conservation Leadership Award

This award will go to a company or a partnership among several organisations that has exceeded the RSPO Principles and Criteria requirements for environmental and social stewardship. The recipient(s) will have also demonstrated outstanding efforts in conserving, protecting, and enhancing High Conservation Value (HCV), High Carbon Stock (HCS) areas, and rare, threatened, and endangered (RTE) species. Applications will be considered for RSPO grower members with ongoing and/or completed projects with measurable impacts.

Smallholder Impact Programme Award

Smallholder inclusion is a key element of RSPO’s participatory approach for the Smallholder Strategy. This award will go to an independent smallholder group that has demonstrated knowledge, capacity, and conservation efforts through certification, thus leading to improved livelihoods; or an organisation that has integrated independent oil palm smallholders into sustainable palm oil supply chains. Applications will be considered for RSPO certified independent smallholder groups or other members with ongoing and/or completed projects with measurable impacts.

Outstanding Achievement Award

This award will go to a company or a partnership of several organisations that represents our shared vision of market transformation, that has shown strong commitment to promoting, producing, and/or purchasing RSPO certified sustainable palm oil, and has demonstrated outstanding efforts in realising one or more of RSPO’s goals for People, Planet, and Prosperity. Applications will be considered from Ordinary Members with ongoing and/or completed projects, activities, and sustainability policies with measurable impacts.

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