Why Apply

Why Apply

Why apply?
RSPO is giving due recognition to members who have gone above and beyond RSPO Standards to transform markets to make sustainable palm oil the norm. These awards will be presented at the 2022 RSPO Excellence Awards Night during the welcome reception of the RSPO Annual Roundtable Conference on Sustainable Palm Oil (RT2022), on Monday, 28 November 2022.

Affirmation of distinction
The RSPO Excellence Awards are an affirmation of distinction to spur further innovation, best practices, and knowledge sharing among RSPO Members and stakeholders.

Global recognition
Award winners will be selected by an independent multidisciplinary panel of judges, who are leaders and experts from relevant sectors of the palm oil and/or sustainability industry.

Raise your profile
Highlight your success and commitment towards sustainable palm oil and showcase your positive environmental and/or socially responsible practices.

Create collaborations and partnerships
An award may help create opportunities for cross-sector collaboration and/or partnerships for future projects.

Raise morale and strengthen credibility
Winning an award can help boost your staff morale, provide greater motivation, and strengthen the credibility and visibility of your organisation and brand.

Winners’ Benefits Package
  • High quality trophy
  • Category award winner certificate
  • Publicity and promotion in the RSPO e-Gazette newsletter
  • Winners will be showcased on the RSPO website and social media channels
  • Winners will be highlighted in the RSPO Impact Report
  • Winners’ projects may be showcased in additional RSPO communication materials

Enquiries? Please email: [email protected].